No more awareness in NCD

Starting Monday 6th of April, the NCDC covid-19 team will stop doing awareness around the city.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop says, there has been enough information disseminated to city residents by the awareness team and also through the media.

As of Monday penalties to persons who do not comply with the rules under the SOE will take into effect.

In a press conference today, Governor Parkop says he has asked the Defence force to help with police to mend the streets of Port Moresby during this two months lockdown.

The Governor outlined that the main markets around the city will continue to operate. However, road side markets are prohibited.

Parkop encouraged residents to sell their produce at home through their gates and to continue exercising social distancing and maintain high level of hygiene practice.

“I want to again assure our people that we allow to open so that our people who depend on market to sustain themselves can continue to trade and continue to earn an income and can continue to find means of sustaining themselves during this difficult and hard time”

As per the National Government’s decision to have public transport resume operation on Monday, the Governor however advised PMV’s in the city not to resume given the high possibility of the risk involved.

“The Government want you to operate but I want to ask you not to operate. But remember the National Task force say if you operate, not 25 passengers but 15. Keep social distancing. So at our level we are not going to stop you from operating but if you operate and you don’t keep social distancing and provide sanitizers on the bus, we will arrest you”

The ICCC will also deal with PMV’s who charge more than the usual amount for a route. 

The Governor again cautioned city residents to continue exercising social distancing, practice of hygiene and to limit movement as much as possible around the city

“The world says there is no cure, but in PNG we must say we have a cure. And the cure is “Harim Tok” (Listen). That is the only cure we can come up with, said the governor.

Jemimah Sukbat