China donates US$300K for COVID-19 response

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has donated US$300, 00 dollars or K970, 000 to the PNG Government towards the fight against covid-19

The cheque was presented to the Foreign Affairs Minister and International Trade Minister, Patrick Pruaitch, at the Port Moresby General Hospital on Tuesday, March 31st.

Chinese Ambassador, Xue Bing, said PNG has been supporting the Chinese Government since the outbreak of Corona virus in Wuhan, China.

This is a reciprocal gesture to the PNG government.


“The China situation has become better now and we reciprocate Papua New Guinea as friendship to us by providing this small token”                                      

Ambassador Bing said, the Chinese government will also donate Personal Protection Kits. The first 200 batch of PPE kits comprised of masks, temperature machines, protection clothing like gowns, are ready to be exported once flights will be allowed in.

In thanking the Chinese government Minister Pruaitch said, the money will be given to the Port Moresby General Hospital so they can organize efforts to respond to covid-19.

“ I am grateful that your government and your people have decided to make this contribution to Papua New Guinea as you know your excellency, we are doing all we can with our limited resources to try and contain this pandemic”

Ambassador Bing urged Papua New Guineans to adhere to the regulations laid down under the state of emergency explaining that situation in China has become better in the past weeks.

Jemimah Sukbat