Portion 152 LOs want to know royalty figures

Landowners from the Portion 152 of the PNG LNG Project want to know how much in royalties and equity the will receive from the PNG LNG Project.

The question was posed by a Seri Asi Sabori, a councillor from Porebada Village and also a landowner.

Sabori along with his clans men attended the launching of the ‘Beneficiary Clan Accounts’ process officiated by Minister Duban.

His attempt to raise the question after the launch was rejected but he was informed to raise it during the account registration  process.

Speaking to Loop PNG, he said hewanted to know one thing which was not mentioned.

“How much in royalty and equity will he (Minister) pay to the landowners? That is what we want to know,” Sabori said.

In a media conference following the launch Minister Duban allowed Managing Director of Mineral Resources Development Company, Augustine Mano, to address the media on the figures of the royalties and payments.

Mano said in total K137 million in royalties and K250 million in equity was to be paid to the all landowners affected by the project.

He said he could not give an accurate amount as to how much each landowner group or clan would receive until they all have all beneficiaries and their accounts in order.

Cedric Patjole