Beneficiary Clan Accounts

Portion 152 LOs want to know royalty figures

The question was posed by a Seri Asi Sabori, a councillor from Porebada Village and also a landowner.

Sabori along with his clans men attended the launching of the ‘Beneficiary Clan Accounts’ process officiated by Minister Duban.

His attempt to raise the question after the launch was rejected but he was informed to raise it during the account registration  process.

Speaking to Loop PNG, he said hewanted to know one thing which was not mentioned.

Government has not used landowner royalties

This was the message from Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Nixson Duban, following the launching of the process to begin opening of ‘Beneficiaries Clan Accounts'.

Contrary to media publications and allegations that the royalty funds for the landowners have been used by the Government and other state agencies, Duban said the funds awaited the completion of the Ministerial Determination which has been done already.

He said the Government was committed to paying the royalties however, there remained legal cases to be sorted out before certain groups can be paid.