Nothing stolen from shop: Police

The North Waigani Stop & Shop came to stand still on Thursday as a group of men attempted to rob the shop between 5 and 6pm.

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirmed that the incident did occur but said they did not harm, rob or steal anything as police intervened quickly and the men made a run for it.

An unhappy Turi says, there were posts all over social network implying that the situation had gone out of control causing panic to some but there was no such.

“People should not post unnecessarily on facebook and scare others and that those reading shouldn’t believe everything they read or see on facebook.”

He confirmed that there were no fatalities accept that traffic came to a standstill when police blocked off roads leading to Gerehu and Morata.

He added that the criminals had already gone without taking anything and a thorough search of the shops was done.

Police warned that extra precaution must be practiced by the public that includes business houses, pedestrians and motorists.

Annette Kora