Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi

Police waiting for PNGDF investigation results

“There were more than five soldiers involved and we are waiting for PNGDF to identify these men and bring them in for questioning,” says NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi.

He says the second group that was involved in the shootout will be dealt with as they have already identified five of them.

Already, one of the soldiers, Joe Mondo, was arrested and charged with being in possession of a pistol without a license, a charge under Section 27 (a) of the Firearms Act.

Mondo was in court yesterday for his hearing, where his charges were read to him.

Asian men arrested for alleged sex with female worker

The 20-year-old from Central Province was a cashier in a Chinese shop at China Town East Boroko.

The girl laid her complaint at Boroko Police and the two men were arrested, charged and locked up.

They were refused bail and will appear in court soon for hearing.

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi stressed that if you’re a women, you should have your dignity intact and protected.

Turi welcomes decision to halt recruitment

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary will be reviewing all existing recruitment system, criteria and protocols and procedures for this year.

This has resulted in the suspension of police recruitment and training for this year.

Turi says concerns have been raised on the training criteria, on more than one occasion, and this time, police will be focusing more on quality than quantity.

The stop in recruitment will be an improvement to the quality of the policing service in the country.

Security detail discussed in preparation of major events

The workshop is about coordination between all security agencies based at the Jacksons Airport

Security personnel from different stakeholder agencies like CASA, Police, National Airport Corporation (NAC), Air Niugini security as well as other security agents who are based at the airport all took part in the one day workshop.

The training covered how and which stakeholder would play a lead role in security and protection of the major events that PNG will be hosting in the city.

Nothing stolen from shop: Police

Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirmed that the incident did occur but said they did not harm, rob or steal anything as police intervened quickly and the men made a run for it.

An unhappy Turi says, there were posts all over social network implying that the situation had gone out of control causing panic to some but there was no such.

“People should not post unnecessarily on facebook and scare others and that those reading shouldn’t believe everything they read or see on facebook.”

Betelnut checks on Hiritano Highway lifted

NCDC earlier this month officially announced a partnership with NCDC Police to enforce the law on Buai Ban and to deal with people chewing betelnut in public places in the city.

Deputy City Manager Honk Kiap says the misconception that general public thinks that city hall is trying to ban betelnut completely is not true and that chewing is not the problem but it the way the chewers dispose of their betel nut rubbish and spittle.