Lae police remain loyal despite challenges

Lae police have had a lot of challenges in the last six months first being the Morobe Youths protest and the ongoing Unitech situation.

Despite the trying times, Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr acknowledges the efforts of his police personnel for their obedience to order and exercising restraint  in the course of their duty.

Wagambie Jnr says that command and control at all levels have ensured that they have been able to contain situations that were known to be volatile as well as allowing freedom of expression in a safe and secure manner which did not cause any looting or violence on the streets.

Wagambie also says that the lack of resources and manpower is hindering police duties in Lae and attention needs to be given to police of which he has already made arrangements and submitted through the Morobe Government and Lae district however, due to funding constraints, nothing has eventuated as yet.

Operationally, he says that he will still stand by his recommendation for sector patrols to be implemented in Lae city as this is advice given from what is being experienced in everyday policing in Lae.

“The longer we waste time, the more people will fall victim to crimes and this concept will be deterrent to criminal activities in the City,” Wagambie Jnr says.

Acknowledging the Australian Federal Police who attended the Metropolitan Superintendent Mid-year Parade last Saturday that he looks forward to enhancing policing standard with their expertise.

He added that a lot of what was planned have been side-tracked due to the university crisis.

“We will embark on issues that need to be addressed under my command as well as work together with AFO in certain areas to enhance our police to World Policing standards but in the PNG context, suited to our environment,” he says.

Wagambie Jnr says there is still more improvement needed and  has called on all members to be dedicated and perform their duties honestly and professionally.

He said  officers must refrain from practicing regionalism when carrying out their duties.

(Picture source: Loop file picture).

Annette Kora