Lae police needs support says Wagambie Jnr

Lae police while equipped with experienced and operational personnel is lacking in terms of better coordination and manpower to boost its operational units.

Lae Metropolitan Police Commander Anthony Wagambie Junior tells PNG Loop that because of the large population and the lack of manpower and logistics incidences occur seven days a week.

He says despite the challenges police have been working well to contain the law and order issue to ensure that citizens of Lae can enjoy freedom of movement in a peaceful environment.

Wagambie Jnr outlined the need for sector patrols in the city which will be a vital unit that will be used in combating and preventing crimes.

He says  he is still waiting on either the provincial government of the police headquarters to step in and support the unit.

In terms of command, Wagambie Jnr says  he has exceptional personnel operating in Lae and adds that the coordination component of Lae officers is being achieved, however there is always room to improve on aspects of policing in the city.

Julianna Waeda