Election times remain unless law changes, say Gamato

Electoral Commissioner, Patilas Gamato, says the Local Level Government and National Elections will continue to run concurrently unless there are changes to the law.

Speaking to political party executives in a recent workshop, Gamato said he was requested by the Government to separate both elections.

However, he could not under the current provisions of the Organic Law on National Elections and the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government.

“I’ve written to Prime Minister advising him that unless there is change in law, we have to run them concurrently,” said Gamato.

National and LLG elections run over the same period however, polling dates vary.

Meanwhile, Gamato said both the LLG and National Elections in 2017 will require 15 million ballot papers.

This will cater for the three separate seats in each province candidates will vie for  the Ward seats, Open Seats and Regional Seat.

According to data from the 2012 Elections 3.8 million people voted out of 4.8 million registered voters.

The Electoral Commission is also carrying out a stocktake of ballot boxes and will order more if required.

Cedric Patjole