DBTI donates 163 bags of blood to PMGH

The Don Bosco Technological Institute (BDTI) has been commended by Port Moresby General Hospital for donating163 bags of life-saving blood this week.

PMGH and the Youth Blood Drive team thanked the students and teachers for their commitment to the Youth Blood Drive.

"These blood donations will save many lives and help many ill patients at Port Moresby General Hospital and we couldn’t do this without your dedication and support,” says PMGH CEO Grant Muddle.

Meanwhile, DBTI nurse Eva R. Lopez says the institute was happy to be part of the Youth Blood Drive program which is teaching young people the health benefits of donating blood for the recipient and the donor in hopes of creating a generation of regular blood donors.

“We always educate and encourage our students to take part in such initiatives to become blood donors to help others in need of blood."

Annette Kora