Youth Blood Drive

Youth Blood Drive team thanks Bomana police trainees

The Port Moresby General Hospital Youth Blood Team managed to collect a total of 91 bags of life-saving blood.

Police trainees said, they were motivated to donate blood because they believe that one day they might need a blood transfusion when their families or relatives are not around to donate, this blood collection could save their lives.

Others said knowing their blood could save the lives of mothers, babies or those in accidents is an amazing feeling and would be willing to keep donating blood in future.

PMGH setting blood collection trend

They are providing adequate and safe blood to meet the transfusion needs of all patients.

This transformation came about three years ago, with the establishment of the Corporate Blood Drive and the recent Youth Blood Drive programs, which have increased blood collection.

With the great support of the hard-working staff, who are the core drivers of the blood bank, the hospital is getting enough blood reserved for patients in need of life-saving transfusions.

Don Bosco Technical school winner of Youth Blood Drive 2016

The students have donated a total of 429 life-saving bags of blood in three visits by the blood bank team this year.

Youth Blood Drive, Director, Anna Megueria congratulated the school and students for cooperating with the team, in collecting a huge number of blood bags.

“We’ve been saving a lot of people with the blood you have donated. Your school is very inspiring, and you should be proud of being part of the school,” Megueria told the students.

BFPNG gives 18 bags of blood to help save lives

The Twilight Basketball program, which is run by the Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG), saw 50 people volunteer to donate blood at the Taurama Aquatic & Indoor Centre last week.

Many of the Papua New Guinea U-18 national team members got involved donating blood.

BFPNG Chief Executive Officer Joel Khalu said the program is aimed at getting the youth of PNG, aged 16-25, to engage in social responsibility; and one way is to become life time blood donors supporting their community.

Basketball partners with blood drive to help save lives

Along with the usual on-court basketball action at the Taurama Aquatic & Indoor Centre, the Blood Drive set up four beds, collecting blood from 5pm to 9pm.

BFPNG Chief Executive Officer, Joel Khalu said that Twilight Basketball provided the perfect platform to help promote the Youth Blood Drive initiative.

“We've had more than 300 people attend each Twilight Basketball session over the last month and that’s a great crowd for us to promote healthy lifestyle messages to.

BFPNG partners with SBBF to donate blood

This will take place tonight at the Twilight Basketball session at the Taurama Aquatic & Indoor Centre.

With the usual on-court basketball action, the Blood Drive team will be setting up four beds to collect blood from 5pm to 9pm this evening.

BFPNG Chief Executive Officer Joel Khalu says that Twilight Basketball provides the perfect platform to help promote the Youth Blood Drive initiative.

 “The Blood Drive event is about more than just giving blood. It is about bringing awareness regarding the importance of maintaining healthy life habits,” says Khalu.

Badighwa students donate blood

Badighwa Secondary School committed three full days this week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) to allow students to come forward and donate blood.

School deputy principal for human resource, Margareta Moide said having the blood team from PMGH visit the school was a great opportunity for students and a good way of helping other Papua New Guineans in need.

Urban youths donate 49 life-saving bags of blood

These young people are currently undergoing skills training facilitated by Pacifica Limited to work for FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup next month. Pacifica Ltd managing director, David Newton said 860 youths are getting skills training in communication, leadership, customer service, emergency and evacuation, occupation, health and safety and gender-based violence for over a month now.

“This youth blood drive collection is timely because it displays the training that these young people have learned in upholding the values of families, community and the country.”  Newton said.

DBTI donates 163 bags of blood to PMGH

PMGH and the Youth Blood Drive team thanked the students and teachers for their commitment to the Youth Blood Drive.

"These blood donations will save many lives and help many ill patients at Port Moresby General Hospital and we couldn’t do this without your dedication and support,” says PMGH CEO Grant Muddle.

Meanwhile, DBTI nurse Eva R. Lopez says the institute was happy to be part of the Youth Blood Drive program which is teaching young people the health benefits of donating blood for the recipient and the donor in hopes of creating a generation of regular blood donors.

Hospital staff set for training

This is to ensure that they are up-to-date with screening and blood donation guidelines and have the right information to deal with any scenario during a blood drive.

Director of Corporate and Youth Blood Drives, Ms Anna Megueria says the staff training conducted by International SOS (ISOS) on clinical aspects of dealing with blood donations assists staff in maintaining their skills in looking after our donors during blood collection.