Coalition partners to meet before Friday Parliament sitting

Peoples Progress Party leader Ben Micah says that Government Coalition partners will meet before Parliament sits on Friday to find an amicable resolution towards the Opposition move to oust Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Micah in a media conference this afternoon said, party leaders in the coalition have yet to meet following the Supreme Court decision yesterday directing Parliament Speaker to recall the House of representative to debate the motion of the Vote of No-Confidence.             

“I want to make it clear as the leader of the People’s Progress Party that our party is still a member of the coalition that elected the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill after the 2012 elections,” Micah said.

 But he declined to answer questions on his party’s position for the prime minister to step aside.  

“Our position now rest with other leaders of the coalition government to discuss with the Prime Minister and ruling PNC Party to work out a solution that will result in (respect) of the authority of government and order in our towns and cities,” Micah who is the Minister for Petroleum and Energy said.   

“I believe that we have heard and seen enough suffering to decide that these issues must be dealt with.

“I appeal to the members of the public to respect the rule of law and to refrain from any activities that will result in chaos and allow the leaders in Parliament to deliberate and decide on the issues whether the prime minister to resign or step aside.

“We will be discussing with our other coalition partners, discussing with the prime minister and his party before Friday on how we will address this issue that as now escalated beyond the students for prime minister to resign towards a potential bigger threat to our safety and security by some workers union.

“We will be proposing to coalition partners and prime minister to take heed of the damage that has already been done, the damage that is hanging over all our heads, the clouds hanging over all our heads must be removed,” Micah said.  


Charles Yapumi