Capital city running out of water

Rationing of water is about to start for residents and businesses in Port Moresby as the level in the main dam, Sirinumu, has fallen to only 35 per cent of its capacity.

Eda Ranu announced in a statement today that the rationing will start on December 7…next Monday.

In a statement, Eda Ranu said due to the prolonged dry weather period being experienced in the country, they will be rationing as of that day.

The water at the dam has depleted at  a faster reduction rate “due to precipitation and associated factors’’.

“The rationing exercise is necessary to preserve the remaining 35% of water at the Sirinumu Dam to last till mid 2016 or until such time we get sufficient rainfall,’’ The statement said.

Eda Ranu is calling on all commercial properties, industrial users, institutions, government departments, domestic users and the general public to observe and adhere to the water

rationing schedule and take necessary actions to store water for use during the rationing times.

The water rationing exercise will continue for an indefinite period so Eda Ranu is appealing to all consumers and residents of the nation’s capital to use water wisely and practice methods of water conservation.

Freddy Mou