Boera village hit hard by dry weather

The people of Boera village in Central Province have been hit hard by the current dry weather.

Most of their water wells are starting to dry up and food gardens are not producing enough.

The change in weather pattern is also having an impact on their fishing livelihood with the strong winds preventing them from going out to sea.

Village elder Hosea Daure told Loop PNG that the villagers hadn’t started off preparing the new ground for planting because the soil was very hard.

Daure said the seedlings were also drying out, making it difficult for them to be replaced.

“We are relying heavily on our water wells but we are faced with decreasing water levels.

“When five people fetch their water in their buckets we have to wait for another few hours for the water level to rise before another lot can fetch their water,” he said.

The village has a disaster committee that is monitoring the situation.

Quintina Naime