Boera village

Kumuls run coaching clinic at Boera

The players received a warm welcome from the locals with traditional dances and excited students of Boera primary.

Village councillor, Viviene McArthur, expressed her gratitude to ExxonMobil and the PNGRFL for organising the clinic.

“I am aware that such opportunities do not come that easy to our doorsteps,” he said.

“Boera is so privileged to have the Kumuls here today. I am optimistic that your visit will be an inspiration to young boys and girls here and make a positive impact.”

​Business opportunities for villagers

Located within the Edai Town precinct, outside Port Moresby, the mini mart opens another chapter for the Boera community in its partnership in the Town Project.

Boera Village leaders say the shop unveils business opportunities within the grasp of Boera entrepreneurs.

Located within the ongoing Edai Town development, the venture aims to tap into the potential growth of the township and business opportunities.

Boera Holdings Limited chairman, Madaha Maino, said it was a proud moment to open an avenue for local entrepreneurs to tap into this growth.

​High demand, more homes to be built

The project outside of Port Moresby has already seen 120 units from the first phase of 161 homes purchased.

The high demand has pushed for more homes to be built.

Edai Town currently has a residential population of 600 people.

But with the high demand for more homes in the growing township, population could grow to 10,000 people within a few years’ time.

Kym Yong, a director of Edai Town Development, said after the success of the first phase homes and with growing requests from potential home buyers, they have begun ‘Phase 2A’ for an additional 141 homes.

Boera village hit hard by dry weather

Most of their water wells are starting to dry up and food gardens are not producing enough.

The change in weather pattern is also having an impact on their fishing livelihood with the strong winds preventing them from going out to sea.

Village elder Hosea Daure told Loop PNG that the villagers hadn’t started off preparing the new ground for planting because the soil was very hard.

Daure said the seedlings were also drying out, making it difficult for them to be replaced.