VC Police Post Reopens

The police post at Vision City was reopened on Friday, 7th of April after being closed for more than five years.

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika opened the post for police officers to use and provide police presence in the area and also the government properties that are near the area.

After Sika’s discussion with the management of Vision City had agreed to reopen the police post for police officers to utilize the building as it is already there must be used to serve its purpose.

Sika added that the Sector Patrol units from Moresby North East under the command of Zone Two commander, Toby Hamago would assign his officers who are working in their respective shifts to use the police post because they do not have an office space.

Vision City Mall Security Manager, Sevania Koroi acknowledged Metsupt’s idea of reopening the police post.

He said it will make it easy for the security personals to work closely with the police officers to clean up the premises of Vision City, the traffic lights and also keep an eye on criminals who move around there.

“We face all kinds of issues here on a daily basis a lot of different people come. There is not only issues inside but outside as well.

“Police presence in a place like this is something that will really help, not only does it help us to do our job it gives a lot of confidence in the customers coming here. Secondly this is a strategic location especially for Zone 200 boys.

“As Metsupt said he hopes this can be a 24 hour presence here and I welcome that, that’s something that we have always wanted. We have all these government buildings here, shopping complex, residential areas and to have a police unit here in the centre of it all will give a lot of peace to everybody.

“This is an area where there’s an indoor stadium there that host a lot of functions and events, people there are too crowded and are coming this way. It left to us to control these crowds coming in. With police here it’s making our jobs easier.

“Crime fighting is not for the police only, everyone has to do their part and at the end of the day it’s the police that will back us up,” he stated.

The Vision City Mall General Manager,  Anderson Ting was pleased to hand over the police post key to Metsupt Sika said the facility is well equipped will computers, air conditioning, a holding cell and CCTV cameras so it will help the police a lot to do their job when using the facility.

Ting added that the facility was in use when Ben Turi was the NCD Metsupt but when he left the police officers who were working there also left.

 He thanked the new Metsupt`s idea of re-opening it for the police officers to use.

Mall management are looking forward to working with the officer in charge of Sector Patrol 200 from Moresby North East Sergeant Jimmy Naime. 

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