Universal Church feeds 1000

The Universal Church of Papua New Guinea has hit another milestone of feeding and teaching over 1000 thousand people during its two-monthly Uni-social event on Saturday 25 February, 2023.

The event that has transformed lives of many people has reached out to the needy, sharing food, clothes and the Word of God through the congregations in Port Moresby, Lae and Arawa.

On Saturday 25th February at the main church in Gordons, the Port Moresby congregation received more than 1194 people including more than 200 children, including those in Lae and Arawa. This number is more than the previous event which was just a little over 400 people.

Ps Jonathan explained on the reason why not only to feed those who are in need but also to teach them.

He said the theme for this event was “Feed one thousand, teach one thousand!”

Ps Jonathan said they need to teach the one thousand because this event was not only about giving food, but also to teach them about different ways of how to take care of their health.

In this regard a team from St John Ambulance in NCD were invited to speak to the congregation about the work of St John and do voluntary health checkups.

He helped those present to think outside the box in reference to Jacob of the bible.

“The steps that Jacob took in the bible to go from being homeless, foodless to be richer than his own boss, was a motivational message as well. Above all, they learnt that through faith in Jesus, all things are possible. They don’t need to be struggling, homeless, unemployed,” Ps Pine said. 

Pastor Pine pointed to the recent event when more than 2000 people swarmed onto a large hotel in Port Moresby in search for jobs saying that’s the proof that many people are struggling. 

“Through faith in God, their situation can change and we are doing our part as church, not just giving them the food but also teaching them how to come out of the situation that they are in,” he said.

Most of the people who turned up are not members of the church including a bus load of people from Moresby South who were brought by one church member.

The St John Ambulance team from NCD led by Deputy Commissioner Jacky Hennessy, Chief of Clinical Operations with EO Clinical Ops, Marissa Tobolly and Ambulance Nurse Stevella Yanges volunteered to do free health checks for those who needed to check their health status.

Universal Church thanks the SJA and other corporate entities that helped to donate food and clothing, besides their own church clients and congregation members.

“Today we had partnership with RH Supermarket, Paradise Foods. We had also some church clients who also donate help.

In Lae we had a number of companies like Coca Cola, Kenai chicken I think and some other companies …so we are very thankful for the business houses that have contributed this time to make it possible,” he added.

The venues included the main church at the Babaka Street, Gordons in NCD, Lae at Josey St, Lae Snack Bar are and Arawa at Patjoen Building near the Christmas Park.

Frieda Kana