Sam Basil

Pangu intact

During a press conference on Friday, the Goilala MP and deputy leader of Pangu gave the assurance that one of PNG’s oldest political parties still remains intact.

On May 8th, the Pangu Pati Executive Council announced that it has suspended the party leader and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil, from Pangu.

Boycott ‘unbecoming of leaders’

Deputy Prime Minister, Charles Abel, said the Opposition leaders were not voted in to behave in such a manner.

Abel was accompanied by Government ministers yesterday, including ICT and Energy Minister, Sam Basil.

He said the referral was made and there was no need to boycott Friday’s session.

Facebook issue goes to Parliament

Governor for East Sepik Province Allan Bird wanted to know why the Communications Minister has Facebook high on his priority rather than fighting corruption.

 Allan Bird’s questions ranged from the involvement of National Research Institute to conduct research into the use of social media, the curiosity of government’s focus on Facebook instead of other pressing issues and the image it will portray to other APEC countries on freedom of speech and media.

In response, Minister Basil denied newspaper reports that had given a time frame for Facebook to be shutdown. 

Basil confident with Government

Basil made this remarks when thanking the Prime Minister for giving an additional portfolio to the party on Wednesday.

Bulolo MP and Pangu Pati leader, Sam Basil, said he had made a right move to join the government despite the many negative criticisms against their move in September last year.

He said initially his 15 Pangu members were happy when they were given a ministry and they are more than happy that the Prime Minister has given them yet another ministry and another member in Cabinet.

Basil clarifies his suspension

He said the decision made for his suspension is illegal as those executives have been sidelined.

In a media conference, Basil clarified that such announcement were made just to bring instability to the party.

He added that such infighting in the party was not a new issue as he had experienced such when taking the lead in the party.

He said the Courts have ordered for the executives namely Party President, Patrick Pundao, and General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, to meet with other executives on April 19 but they did not attend.

Ignore decisions by ‘estranged’ Pangu executives: Basil

His statement follows today’s announcement by the Pangu Pati Executive Council of his suspension.

“At this stage, the only unchallenged authority in Pangu Pati is the Parliamentary Wing of which I am Parliamentary Leader. Until all matters involving the Pangu Council generally and the non-Parliament National Executive are resolved by the National Court, the only authorised statements on Pangu Pati matters are those sanctioned by my office – Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader,” said Basil.

Basil suspended from Pangu Pati

Party president Patrick Pundao made this announcement today in Port Moresby after its Council meeting on May 4 to sideline the leader.

Pundao said Basil was accorded natural justice to respond before the council made the decision but he never did.

He said the decision is regrettable but it had to be made to preserve the principles and ideals for which Pangu Pati was established and stood for since independence.

Pundao claimed that Basil’s action as the party leader in the past three years has been seriously wanting.

3 major challenges in PNG’s energy sector

Minister for Communication, Technology and Energy, Sam Basil, outlined these three challenges at the recent 2nd Petroleum and Energy Summit in Port Moresby.

Minister Basil said the first major challenge is household energy access nationwide, which has been outstanding for over five decades.

The second is sufficiency of energy for industrialization, which is needed to modernise Papua New Guinea while the third is the importance of renewable energy to address the global crosscutting issue of climate change.

Only 13pc access electricity

Minister for Energy, Sam Basil, told delegates at the 2nd Petroleum and Energy Summit in Port Moresby that the big challenge now for the Government is to mobilise and focus on national targets.

Minister Basil said the Government’s two main targets are:

Bulolo first to roll out NID program

Minister for Information and Communication and Energy, and Bulolo MP, Sam Basil, signed an MOA with Registrar, Michael Kumung, and on Thursday began the roll out.

The district is the first to partner the civil and identification registry, which plans to register four districts in PNG by the end of 2018.

Minister Basil and Registrar Kumung signed the MOA in the presence of media and guests.