Sam Basil

Bill will allow competition for PPL: Basil

This was recently revealed by Energy Minister Sam Basil in Parliament.

Basil was responding to a question by the Governor of West New Britain, Sasindran Muthuvel, concerning plans for the rollout of the rural electrification program.

Minister Basil said the K5 million allocated for the rollout in all districts is small hence they will resort to use the MSK boxes.

“PNG Power is currently selling the boxes for K750 per box, but we can negotiate with another supplier who will sell it cheaper to us for K500,” Basil said.

Churches, Govt to tackle issues

The government is considering death penalty in response to this.

But it is still an area they will work closely with the churches to see through, says Minister for ICT and Energy, Sam Basil.

In an event with the PNG Council of Churches yesterday, Minister Basil touched on the need to include churches in addressing these issues.

The Archbishop of Port Moresby, Sir John Cardinal Ribat, said the churches are ready to confront this issue in a common effort.

Churches, Govt enter deal

This partnership was led yesterday by the Minister for IT, Communication and Energy, Sam Basil.

Basil said the idea is to reach the 1.5 million subscribers yet to be registered.

The Government will use the extensive network of the churches to fast track the registration process, with a due date set for April 30.

PNGCC comprises of seven mainline churches with over 6.3 million members nationwide and growing.

PNGCC also includes 15 associate members.

This provides a very extensive and effective network right down to the LLGs.

Sim users and operators warned

NICTA CEO, Charles Punaha, explained that sim users need to take into consideration the 30 day in-active period, when a card can be made in-active if there is no usage by the user.

He also warned that after 90 days the operators can recycle the number back into the system to be reissued to new sim cards.

Meantime, Communications Minister, Sam Basil has warned all operators to not charge users for registration of sim cards.

The Minister says that any operator found to be charging users will be dealt with by NICTA and the ICCC.

SIM card rego deadline further extended

This final 3-month extension is to give time to subscribers in the rural areas to register their SIM cards.

The National Information & Communications Technology Authority (NICTA), in a meeting with the 3 mobile network operators, discovered that bmobile-vodafone registered 62 percent of subscribers, Telikom PNG registered 74 percent of its users and Digicel PNG managed 42 percent.

Statistically, this means 1.5 million subscribers are yet to register.

Govt will address sorcery accusations: Basil

Speaking at the close of the 31st synod of Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG in Sinesine-Yongomugl district’s Mogl village of Simbu Province, Sam Basil noted the importance of the government-church partnership in delivering much-needed services to the people.

Basil, a member for the church, has cautioned the church to be mindful of sorcery, brushing aside claims of its existence.

 “We must not acknowledge its existence. The courts find it hard to establish it as it is to do with spiritualism.

SIM card registration extended to January 23

Minister Abel has been in consultation with the Minister responsible for Communications, Information Technology and Energy, Sam Basil who has received advice from NICTA on the registration deadline extension.

“Minister Basil and I have considered the issues surrounding the SIM Card Registration Regulation, and I am fully aware of the implications of registration deadline,” the Acting Prime Minister said.

“The extension to 23 January 2018 will minimise the potential for disruptions to phone users while ensuring network security is enhanced.

Basil: No exception to be given

He said the deadline is set for this Sunday, December 31st, 2017.

Basil said ample time had been given to users to register and operators to facilitate the registration process.

The Minster said there will be no exception, adding on a personal note that he himself had registered his Sim card.

Sim card registration is a mandatory process, made effective as of July 23, 2016 under the SIM Card Registration Regulation 2016 (Statutory Instrument No.7 of 2016) as published in National Gazette No. G228 dated April 22, 2016.

Pangu hosts deep sea tailings workshop

Pangu Pati’s Leader Sam Basil and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu have been commended for organising an interactive dialogue on deep sea tailings disposal: The Basamuk Experience & Implications for Huon Gulf.

Speakers at the session were from Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture led by the company’s head of external affairs, David Wissink, Dr Grant Batterham and David Gwyther, who presented preliminary research findings arguing the safety of submarine disposal of tailings.

Basil commits to review radio stations

He said he intended to re-introduce shortwave and medium wave frequencies to improve radio access in remote rural areas as in the early 1980s.

Basil, who took over from Talasea MP, Francis Maneke, said a review of NBC funding, revenue generation and financial management, to see that cash flow and its implications on wages, will be done in the near future.

He further reiterated that he will be looking at responsible, affordable and accessible communications in radio, television and internet including concerted efforts to address cybercrime.