Tax credit funding for road projects: Basil

Tax credit funding will be directed towards financing most or the important roads in the country.

National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Sam Basil, made this announcement on his first day in the new portfolio.

Minister Basil was at the launch of the September 2nd national network road strategy in Port Moresby and said he wants to work closely with the Works Department to address road issues in the country.

“The Works Department has already mapped out the important corridors in Papua New Guinea. Like Prime Minster has said, access to our cash crops, opening up links and of course improving access to our existing projects like the mining projects, the gas projects,” said Basil.

“And of course like the Works Minister has said, before we build we have to make sure that the existing roads are fixed so in the next couple of days, my department will be calling on works department to sit together, let’s change the way we do things in National Planning. This time we bring in the roads that matter and we do a multi-financing, and like the Prime Minister has said, all the donor partners, if you can hop on board, please hop on board because our department will open up and make sure that we seriously address those important road links in PNG.”

(National Planning and Monitoring Minister, Sam Basil)

Sally Pokiton