Sam Basil

6.1 million people live on Agriculture income

Bulolo MP Sam Basil challenged the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL), and Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry to support it.

According to DAL, the agriculture sector supports 6.1 million Papua New Guineans which make up 85 percent of the country’s population.

“We have preached about SME development and empowering our local farmers and businesses yet we cannot see beyond the horizon,” Basil said.  

Support local poultry – Basil

Basil said removing the uncooked poultry ban will lower the price of poultry products but this could affect local producers with many Papua New Guineans losing their job.

“The sad news is that local poultry producers like of Zenag Chicken, Niugini Tablebirds and other small producers will suffer from the sudden influx of cheaper imported products cutting back on sales output and profit margins which means job cuts and loss of income.

Basil challenges Govt to ‘act and not talk’

 Basil said the government is still talking about SME and growing the economy when its actions are going against its own intentions and creating instability.

These actions were affecting investor confidence and insecurity among the emerging SME sector.

He said in PNG, 97 percent of land is under customary ownership, while 85 percent of the people live in rural areas and survive on agriculture and small trading activities for subsistence and for cash.

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Goilala MP views on Opposition

Though being in the Opposition is ‘most feared by many’ in PNG politics, it adds value to one’s leadership quality than just being a back-bencher in government, an MP says.


Basil sees 2016 as year to tackle Govt