Sam Basil

Put more money into rural areas: Basil

“Too much funds wasted in Port Moresby alone,” the Bulolo MP said, comparing the pace of development in the Nation’s Capital to provincial centres.     

“If the majority of the rural population want their rural province, districts and LLGs to develop, then they must vote PNC out in the next general election.


Government fair to all districts: Marape

Finance Minister James Marape revealed this today in Parliament in response to Deputy Opposition Leader and Wau-Bulolo MP Sam Basil claims.

Marape said the claims of Opposition MPs not getting their PSIP and DSIP are utterly lies and not true.

“This government has been fair to all district allocation and the indifferences raised by Opposition MPs claiming that they were not getting their funds were utterly nonsense and rubbish.”

Pangu plans meeting to iron out issues

In an interview with Loop PNG General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, says the Party is still intact and is focused on next year.

“It’s a very crucial meeting that we have to resolve all those little issues and then we look forward to our preparation for the election,” says Tovebae.

One of the issues that will be raised is the appointment of special advisors to Pangu by Parliamentary Party Leader, Sam Basil.

One the appointees is Sir Ila Geno who happens to be the President of the PNG Constitutional Democracy Party.

Bulolo show set to be bigger in 2017

Member for Bulolo and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil told an enthuastic show goers on Saturday during the 6th annual show which was officially opened by visiting guest and Member for Goilala William Samb.

Basil told the crowd that together with the Bulolo District Authority as front runners of the event, he would see additional funds injected to the improvement of the grounds, more involvement from the various cultural performance from the six Local level governments in the district gets a fair representation.

Increase in population affecting service delivery: Basil

Bulolo MP and Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil, who has brought tangible developments to his district since entering Parliament said his worry is now to address the issue that he said would affect service delivery to his electorate.

The no nonsense MP indicated when visiting the Family Health Association’s stall at the 6th annual Bulolo District Show on Saturday.

Former Watchdog boss joins Pangu

Geno began his career as a police officer in 1968 as a detective under Australian administration.

He served 25 years in the force and bestowed the top position of Chief of Police in 1992.

After serving out his two year contract as Commissioner of Police, he was later appointed Chairman of Public Service Commission in 1993.

In 1999 Geno joined the Ombudsman Commission, two years later he was elevated to the top position of Chief Ombudsman.

Singirok and Kramer join Pangu

Joining the advisors team in the party this afternoon were retired commander of PNGDF Jerry Singirok and renowned political analyst Brian Kramer.

Singirok has been appointed as political advisor on national security and Kramer has been appointed as chief political strategist.

Party leader Sam Basil when welcoming the two advisors said their involvement and contribution to the party will really bring change to the party and the people as a whole.

Namah, Basil say sorry to Chief Somare

He said Sir Michael was a true father that always had a forgiving heart for his children.

Namah said what transpired was politics and nothing personnel.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil also apologised to Sir Michael for what they had done in 2011.

He said they realised that they did make a mistake with their actions in forcefully removing Sir Michael.

Basil also publicly apologised to Sir Michael in Wewak during Sir Michael’s 80th Birthday anniversary in March.

Basil hands over position to Polye

The handover of the leadership was done accordingly and followed every process.

Basil welcomes Polye back and handed over the position in front of his other Opposition members this afternoon in Port Moresby.

Polye had stood down from the position after the National Court set aside his 2012 election over disputed ballot boxes.

After a successful election petition by runner-up, Alfred Manase, the court on May 2, ruled that five ballot boxes in Polye's Kandep electorate were not properly counted by the Electoral Commission.

Basil: Students awareness program must continue

This awareness is aimed to inform the public about their petition in which they plan to present to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Police on Tuesday gave verbal promises that they would permit students in small groups to go round the city in a public awareness program.

Basil stated that NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut now says that students will not be allowed to carry out any public awareness. 

Basil explained that these groups of students will talk with citizens and they will learn from the students about the real issues of this nation.