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Program to empower youth

A local Bougainvillean NGO, Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency, has focused its efforts to empower youths in Bougainville to be aware of the region’s current socio-political climate and to make informed decisions on its future.

Be change agents – Youths

Manus infrastructure better protected from the sea

The new sea wall will help protect this vital economic artery from erosion and flood damage caused by waves and high tides and facilitates all weather access. The construction of this sea wall forms part of Australia’s ongoing project to upgrade and reseal the road from Momote Airport to Lorengau Town.

Questions over refugee resettlement efforts in PNG

PNG's Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato this month said more than half of the over 900 asylum seekers at the centre have had their claims for refugee status determined.

472 have been determined to be refugees and, Mr Pato said, were "free to depart from the processing centre and commence settling in PNG".

Back to school for island students

Here some students and parents from Rambutso Island leaving for the 60 km journey across the sea to Lorengau.

Fortunately for them the weather has been fine past few days.

Usually, it is the North West wind season and the trip is usually risky.

"We are fortunate the weather is fine but the trip is still expensive for us. We are fortunate with the Free Education Policy alleviating some financial burden, " said Paul Chepe, one of the parents on the trip.

Usually, people offer boats for free without hire.

All the boats used are privately own boats.

Unique PNG: Breadfruit bark bag

Manus woman  Vanessa Yohang was carrying an unusual looking bag which was a gift from her partner Joe Vanariu from New Ireland.

The bag was a coconut frond based basket that was covered in bread fruit bark to look like a modern contemporary bag.

This” Kapiak basket” Vanessa was carrying, according to Joe, was a basket unique to  New Ireland province and is locally referred to as the “Ruai Basket”.

Community projects launched in Central Manus

These actions were taken in order to preserve their forests and ensure lasting benefits from their land.

With support from the Australian Government and PNKA and Pobuma Local Level Governments,  the communities and WCS partnered to construct a community hall, primary school, foot bridge and a water supply system at the villages of Tulu 1, Tulu 2 and Lahapau on the north coast and Djackal on the south coast of Manus.

Manus schools receive climate change books

This follows the presentation of climate change resource materials recently to four schools in the province by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Papua New Guinea.

They’re Tulu, Bundralis, Ponam and Andra primary schools in the Pomuti, Ndrehet, Kurti and Andra Local Level Government (PNKA LLG).

WCS Manus program officer Sylvia Noble distributed the materials and said that the teachers were pleased and acknowledged WCS’s initiative.

Manus reclaim Besta FA Cup

They defeated Madang 1-0 in the grand final today at the Lae Football Association Park thanks to a goal from Richard Lote.

It was a replay of last year’s grand final where both teams played for the Cup with Manus finishing on top.

Manus wasted no time scoring 35 minutes into the first half 1-0 through Lote who found the net five metres outside the goal keeper’s box. 

It was a tough encounter as Manus maintained defence preventing Madang from scoring in the second half despite several attempts.

Loniu people set example for Manus helping Manus

Loniu village is on Los Negros island, adjacent to Manus Island and cut off by the narrow Loniu passage. They have a local water supply system drawing water from the underground water system.

"It is our blessing so we will share it free with others. Islands with a severe water problem can be assisted free. It is the Manus way,” said Mr Songayeu Pochelep, a prominent Loniu villager.

Drought affected Manus to get help soon

According to Mr Knight Mr Meauri  will be visiting hard hit areas of Manus like the Baluan, Pak and Rambutso islands.

Knight says Meauri will also bring  relief funds.

He says after their visit to various islands they will return to Lorengau for the first meeting of the District Development Authority.

 Knight made arrangements with local businesses houses in Lorengau town for relief supplies however he is still waiting the Provincial administrator approval.

The Administrator is understood to be out of the province at this time.