Football Federation Papua New Guinea (FFPNG)

Reviving soccer in remote areas

Through its concept of reviving soccer in rural communities, FFPNG is reaching out to local level governments and districts to do just this.

The FFPNG delegation, led by President John Kapi Natto, were in East Sepik Province recently to launch the Sepik Football Association.

This newsroom caught up with the team at Maprik Secondary School where the president had launched the association with the promise of a brighter future for soccer in the district.

LFA is intact: President

President Roy Kamen said this during LFA’s congress on Sunday (March 12) at the LFA clubhouse.

He said they had taken the risk to make that decision but it was good for the future of their children in soccer.

"It's a very risky decision we have made but it was good for our children in the future. And I thank each and every one of you who have stood by us to reach that decision.”

Kamen said this after taking his post as president from his senior vice president, Andrew Nirik Mata.

Tkatchenko calls on FIFA to intervene

Justin Tkatchenko said PNGFA president David Chung and John Kapi Natto both have a heart for soccer but unfortunately, they cannot work together and are making the sport fail, affecting players and clubs.

Tkatchenko said the best solution is for FIFA to intervene and say enough is enough.

“FIFA must be concerned with what’s happening in PNG as we are now having two different, separate identities running football,” said the Minister.

“How can sponsors come on board and how can the sport keep moving forward when you got two different groups running the same thing.