Women Inmates Open Bank Accounts

Female detainees and inmates of the Bihute Correctional Service Institution in Eastern Highlands Province have received assistance to open up their passbook accounts.

Wife of the Prime Minister, Rachel Marape assisted 19 female inmates of the Bihute CS Institution to open their passbook accounts with the Women's Microbank.

During a visit last month, Mrs Marape learnt that the women were interested in acquiring sewing machines and fabric to sew Meri Blouses for marketing.

On her visit early this week, she honored this commitment. However, seeing the need for training in SME and creating a savings account to prepare them financially for reintegration after their rehabilitation.

Mrs Marape went further by assisting the women to open savings accounts with the Women's Microbank.

She has partnered with the spouse of the Member for Goroka Open, Aiye Tambua, to create the market access for the women to Port Moresby.

In addressing the women, Mrs Marape said: "When you sew the meri blouse, we will also help you to bring them to Port Moresby to sell for you," she said.

She added that wife of Mr Tambua will be calling around to see how the inmates are doing with their sewing and collect the completed products to be sold in Port Moresby.

"We are looking at getting a stall at the Port Moresby City Market to sell your wares there. Again we are doing this to equip you with added skills and knowledge to fall back on when you leave prison."

She concluded: “You will have added skills and a savings with you when they walk out of the prison, showing the people in the community that you are equipped to live a better life.”

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