Bihute CS Institution

K10,000 For Bihute Poultry Project

Wife of the Prime Minister, Rachel Marape during a personal visit presented the cheque to the institution last week.

Present at the presentation was the Chief Executive Officer for the National Gaming Control Board, Imelda Agon who also made a commitment of K440, 000 to be distributed equally among the CS institutions across the country.

The K44, 000 will be utilized to open bank accounts for detainees and inmates.

Women Inmates Open Bank Accounts

Wife of the Prime Minister, Rachel Marape assisted 19 female inmates of the Bihute CS Institution to open their passbook accounts with the Women's Microbank.

During a visit last month, Mrs Marape learnt that the women were interested in acquiring sewing machines and fabric to sew Meri Blouses for marketing.

On her visit early this week, she honored this commitment. However, seeing the need for training in SME and creating a savings account to prepare them financially for reintegration after their rehabilitation.