Digital Apps for Education

The Department of Education advances further with the launch of two digital applications which will enhance efficiency and cost saving within the department and beyond.

My Leave Fare App and My Task Management App were launched at the PNG Education Institute’s Curriculum Development Division, by the Minister for Education, Joseph Yopyyopy this week. 

This Application will assist the department to manage leave fares for public servants within the departments and teachers in the field including teaching staff at Teachers Colleges.

My task Management application will assist management to track tasks assigned to individual officers by their immediate supervisors or other persons within the organizations to achieve a certain task. 
According to the Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra the use of this application means that employees will not have to clock in their time, rather they will be monitored and assessed by the tasks accomplished through the application.  

Development of these applications fulfill part of his determination to improve quality of education service to every teacher and students.

“My directions to the Secretary and to the team is basically to do research and think outside the box. Not just you know the normal that you’ll be doing all the time. And that’s exactly what we come up with. We’ve looked at some innovations, how we can utilize technology that is now right across the world. We are in the technology world so we have to make the most of it. We have to utilize technology to make our work easier.”
With this launch, Yopyyopy said the department will no longer process leave fares manually but all officers within the department and teachers on the field will have the application to apply online for their leave fares.  

“I’m proud to announce that we’ve already developed by using those technologies our development partners stood with us and we developed over 10 applications in the ministry of education. And that is to help us improve good governance, transparency, efficiency, accountability and ultimately better service delivery, including application to implement TFF and now called GTFS. It’s Government Tuition Fee Subsidy.”

Although launched the applications are yet to be tested by the senior officers of the department starting with a training session next week. 

My Leave Fare app is developed by a PNG based technology company, PureMath Solutions whilst  My Task Management App is developed by INDTechlabs also a PNG based techno company. The purchase and installation of the applications would cost within the vicinity of K400,000, according to Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra. 
However he said the benefits of the applications will definitely outweigh the capital cost.

Frieda Kana