YWAM Medical Ship

Bringing hope to the forgotten

The MV YWAM PNG and its team of over 100 volunteers is prepped and ready for its next 10-month deployment.

The MV YWAM PNG returned to the country on Sunday after spending the past six weeks in Townsville for maintenance and restocking.

Medical ships, Israel to help develop PNG

A joint Declaration of Intent (DOI) was signed last Friday aboard the YWAM Medical Ship, MV YWAM PNG.

The DOI outlines a mutual desire to work together for the development of PNG, including the provision of medical treatment, training opportunities for PNG’s health workforce and capacity building projects.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel will also be encouraging Israeli medical professionals to volunteer on board MV YWAM PNG in rural and remote areas of PNG.

Governor Haoda welcomes YWAM ships to Abau district

In a visit to Domara village in Abau district, Governor for Central Kila Haoda said that the funding for the visit by the YWAM medical ship from Townsville, Australia comes under the Provincial Support Services Programme (PSIP) funds of K500,000 to visit all coastal villages in Central Province to deliver health services.

Governor for Central Kila Haoda told the villagers that the YWAM’s media ship, MV YWAM PNG visitation to the province has been running since 2015 and was currently at Domara village, in Abau District for deployment for two weeks.

General Electrical donates ultrasound gadget to medical ship

The innovative ultrasound machine (VSCAN with Dual Probe) will be used by YWAM Medical Ships’ primary health care teams, who work with local health care workers to set up mobile primary health care clinics in remote villages.

GE Country Leader in PNG, Peter Loko, said they were proud to be supporting YWAM Medical Ships work in Papua New Guinea.

“We really admire YWAM Medical Ships innovative approach to healthcare delivery in PNG’s rural areas.

Medical ship treats over 40,000 patients in 2016

The YWAM Medical Ship and her team of volunteers are celebrating the end of a successful deployment to both provinces before the vessel's patrols resume in the New Year.  

Field activities included immunisations, maternal health services, dentistry procedures, eye care, health promotion and collegial support for local health workers – delivered in partnership with provincial health authorities, local health workers and other key stakeholders.   

6yo girl receives sight after miracle surgery

This happened during YWAM’s collaborative outreach patrol to the Kiriwina-Goodenough District.  

The young girl, Mandy, had been blind for the last three years from bilateral cataracts; she could only see light and dark shades and was heavily dependent on family members for her basic everyday needs.  

Mandy’s family had been hoping and praying for the YWAM Medical Ship to return to their region since their last visit in 2014 with their previous vessel, MV Pacific Link.