west papua unrest

PNG stands ready to take in Melanesian refugees: PM

Prime Minister James Marape made this announcement on the floor of Parliament after being questioned by Opposition Leader and Vanimo-Green MP, Belden Namah.

Waves of mass protests and violence have hit the region of West Papua since mid-August.

The Human Rights Watch has reported the recent death of 33 people during the Wamena riots in Papua, and said “since September 29, 2019, at least 8,000 indigenous Papuan and other Indonesians have been displaced from their homes in Papua”.

MP alleges intrusion by Indonesian military

Namah made this statement at the recent Parliament sitting, where he questioned the Prime Minister on what the Government is doing about the West Papua unrest.

Namah highlighted that the Tami River at Wutung, Sandaun Province, and Torasi in Western Province serve as a natural demarcation between the PNG and Indonesian border. On the other hand, his electorate of Vanimo-Green, Telefomin and North Fly in Western Province serve as buffer zones in that they separate hostile forces.

Hence the Opposition Leader raised his concern on the floor of Parliament.