CDC: 14 more US reports of possible Zika spread through sex

The 14 cases all involve men who visited areas with Zika outbreaks, and who may have infected their female sex partners, who had not traveled to those areas.

Zika virus is mainly spread by mosquito bites, and sexual transmission has been considered rare. There have been two reported cases, including a recent one in Texas, and at least two other reports of the Zika virus found in semen.

US tuna fleet shut out of lucrative Pacific region

The US Department of Commerce's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has told all US vessels they are prohibited from fishing in the region from January 1 until new licences are issued.

Nearly 40 US vessels usually work in the region and are estimated to catch US$300-$400 million worth of tuna annually.

Mike Tosatto, Honolulu director of the NMFS confirmed Friday he had written to tuna fleet operators to get out of the water by New Year's Day if the agreement to pay was not honoured.

US give climate change aid to Pacific

The United States says it is providing US$5 million dollars for a Pacific climate change strengthening project.
The US Ambassador to Fiji, Judith Cefkin, made the announcement during the Pacific Community Conference underway in Niue.

Expert to Lead Workshops for Women

During her visit to Papua New Guinea, Gaines will highlight the importance of women’s entrepreneurship to the economic development and growth of Papua New Guinea.  In both Port Moresby and Lae, she will lead motivational and practical workshops on basic business and financial literacy skills to female small business owners and micro-entrepreneurs.  These workshops will build on the outreach she did on her inaugural visit to Papua New Guinea in August 2013. 


VIDEO: US troops join NATO forces on exercises

It's the first major exercise in Georgia conducted within the framework of a NATO package granted to Georgia during the NATO summit in Wales in September last year.

The measures aim to strengthen Georgia's defence and interoperability capabilities with the Alliance, which will ultimately help Georgia advance towards its membership into NATO.

In August, NATO plans to open a training and evaluation centre in Tbilisi.

China top suspect in government agency hacks

The comments from Clapper, the director of National Intelligence (DNI), were first reported in The Wall Street Journal and marked the first time the Obama administration has publicly accused Beijing of the hacking attacks on the Office of Personnel Management.

"You have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did," given the difficulty of the intrusion, the Journal quoted Clapper as saying at a Washington intelligence conference.