Struggling for water in a city

For more than twenty years, residents have had to wake up at odd hours in the morning just to fetch water.

However, this was made even worse when water supply has been limited for about five months now.

Frustrated wives of the police officers told this newsroom that most of them have been facing this issue since moving to the barracks after the South Pacific Games in 1991.

The group of women told this newsroom that concerned authorities are aware of this issue.

The ongoing struggle

Essentials such as clean water supply, electricity and sanitation is a privilege that villagers in many parts of Papua New Guinea are yet to experience.

This is a sad reality in Imaugoro village, Central Province, as villagers struggle each day to walk miles to fetch clean water for drinking and cooking.

During the launching of the sustainable development program under climate change and EU-GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), local women dramatised their struggles.