Sisa Kini

Australia Awards scholarship program continues

The partnership between ExxonMobil and the Australian Government contributes to addressing rural workforce gaps in the frontline service delivery sector of health, with promotion focused on students living in rural and remote locations from PNG LNG Project areas.

The Australian High Commission’s Counsellor (Education), Suzanne Edgecombe, described the partnership as an excellent example of the private and public sector coming together to enhance economic and social progress.

Firm supports top performers

“We believe that education is the cornerstone to Papua New Guinea’s future and we will continue to help PNG secure its future, through education,” said ExxonMobil PNG’s community development support manager, Sisa Kini.

“The children are the future and they have a critical role to play in the long term economic and social development of Papua New Guinea. There is no better place and time to start than in school,” said Ms Kini.

She congratulated the top performing students and everyone else who graduated on their accomplishments.