Remote Schools Get Exam Papers

Each school received three boxes of exam papers, which were met by villagers. Simbai and Dusin, like many parts of the Ramu area are remote and inaccessible by road and much needed services are delivered by air.

Middle Ramu is a 45-minute flight from Madang town. Heli Solutions will also be picking up completed exams on Friday at the end of a weeklong examination.

Madang youth surrender drugs, homebrew equipment

The young men, from the wards of Ainong and Simbai, were supported by their mothers and elders as they began their first step towards a fresh start.  

The police officer who received the illegal items, Wilford Salai, encouraged the youth to give their lives to God.

He said the young people in Simbai exchange marijuana with their peers from Ramu River for guns, electronic gadgets or money.

Simbai LLG President, Johnson Gingeb, stated that this marks a new era as they work towards eradicating drugs and homebrew, or steam, which is destroying the younger generation.