Sexual Assault case

Man on trial for assaulting 6yo cousin

The man today appeared in the Waigani National Court and pleaded not guilty to the two charges that were laid against him by the prosecutor.

It is alleged he sexually assaulted his cousin sister, who was six years old then, at the family home at Nine-Mile on 18 September, 2015.

The house belonged to his father. The accused is the adopted son of the home owner, who is the elder brother of the victim’s father.

Afghan Vice-President Dostum accused of sex assault

The accusation came from Ahmad Eshchi, the former governor of General Dostum's home province of Jowzjan in the north.

He said the vice-president and 10 other men assaulted him while he was forcibly kept at the former warlord's residence for five days late last month.

Gen Dostum denied the accusation, describing it as a "provocation".

He said Mr Eshchi was detained not by him, but by the country's intelligence service.

No cooperation sees sex assault case drag on

This particular case has been in court since July and the Waigani Committal Court was told the lack of cooperation from complainants in the case has contributed in the matter being prolonged.

Three months is the time frame given to police to investigate cases and produce what is called a hand up brief or investigation files.

Even a record of interview is also yet to be carried out on the 22-year-old defendant, who was accused for sexually assaulting a six year old girl at Five-Mile on six different occasions.