Samuel Maiha

Weather service strike ‘illegal’

Maiha said the reasons they stand for are genuine but the actions to justify their motive is not warranted. 

It has been 3 days since a nationwide strike was announced by the National Weather Service Working Committee.

Maiha stated that while the management understands the urgency to address the 9-year salary issue, holding the public at ransom is uncalled for.

The management of the weather service slammed the actions of the Working Committee as the issue at hand is in the process of being addressed.

Weatherman predicts severe weather

Director of the National Weather Service Samuel Maiha says the La Nina season is predicted to be more severe than before.

“There are very strong predictions and the La Nina usually starts after the El Nino,” he says.

La Niña events are usually wetter. La Niña-associated prolonged rainfall has led to flooding and landslides, tropical cyclones, destruction roads, infrastructure, agriculture crops and others.

Maiha says the prediction is an early warning for appropriate government agencies to plan ahead of the expected season.