Weather service strike ‘illegal’

The director of the PNG National Weather Service, Samuel Maiha, has labelled the strike undertaken by the staff as illegal.

Maiha said the reasons they stand for are genuine but the actions to justify their motive is not warranted. 

It has been 3 days since a nationwide strike was announced by the National Weather Service Working Committee.

Maiha stated that while the management understands the urgency to address the 9-year salary issue, holding the public at ransom is uncalled for.

The management of the weather service slammed the actions of the Working Committee as the issue at hand is in the process of being addressed.

Maiha said the weather office and its employees have a mandate to the country and the international weather and climate community as well.

He explained that weather officers have a code of ethics they must uphold regardless of industrial issues however, the working committee and staff involved have breached this.

As a result, the National Weather Service Working Committee will be disbanded, Maiha revealed.

With the APEC summit gaining momentum, Maiha added the strike action is uneconomical for the country.

Meanwhile, a 5-man team is maintaining operations at the weather office specifically providing terminal aerodrome forecast for incoming flights into Jackson’s airport.


Carolyn Ure