Safe Sex

World Contraception Day

The theme ‘It’s your life, it’s your responsibility,’ addresses the message to remove these barriers and allow them access to contraception.

Marie Stopes reported that adolescents all too often are told not to engage in sexual activities outside of marriage, hence are denied contraception.

However, Marie Stopes says this does not stop them from engaging in sex; instead increases the chances of unplanned pregnancies, with devastating impacts, not just with future dreams, but death when many make the choice of going through unsafe abortion.

~ Weekly Health Advice from PMGH – The Herpes Simplex Virus ~

WHO strengthens Zika safe sex guidance

The advice applies even if a person has no symptoms.

It comes a few weeks after doctors discovered the virus in the sperm of an Italian man six months after he first had Zika symptoms.

Zika is spread in bodily fluids.

The main risk of catching the disease is from infected mosquitoes via bites.

Previously, WHO had said men without symptoms only needed to use condoms or abstain from sex for eight weeks as a precaution against spreading Zika.