Safe City

‘Sanap Wantaim’ and end violence, urges Parkop

He said removing the culture of violence is critical to the social, economic, political and all aspect of development in PNG.

“We start from Port Moresby and change our culture nationwide,” Governor Parkop said.

He made this comment after the launching of the campaign, Sanap Wantaim (stand together), last week.

The campaign’s objective is for men and women to see each other as partners in making Port Moresby a safe city to live in.

Parkop said violence is an impediment to the development and personal wellbeing of individuals.

POM lifestyle programs get recognition from Vatican

She was invited along with other top figures in sports, government, religion and NGO's from around the globe with the focus of harnessing the power of yoga and sport and using it as a tool for human development.  

Fazila’s participation comes following the Vatican’s recognition of the Yoga for Life and Walk for Life programs in the country.

The Vatican’s official mission is to validate and endorse sport and yoga by developing a declaration of principles and guiding values that express how sport and faith can serve the greater good in the service of Humanity.