Walk for Life

Earthquake Relief Walk for Life this Sunday

He is urging all city residents, business houses and politicians to show grief and solidarity.

Governor Parkop said community walks are a way of showing this in the face of insurmountable adversity. Adding that coming out together on Sunday will send a positive message that the capital city is here for them.

He adds that he will also take that opportunity to launch an appeal calling on all people, especially those in the corporate and business world, including banks to give generously.

Security guaranteed for Walk for Life

NCD Governor Powes Parkop stated this in a conference with media earlier this morning at the City Hall office.

Parkop was referring to the recent incident that occurred during the Walk for Life program last Sunday which saw opportunists attack and assault motorists at different locations in the city.

Describing the incident as regrettable, Parkop said this will not make him stop the Walk for Life program that has been going on for two years already.

Manager for Active City program, Fazilah Bazari, says they have taken security as a big major issue.

Different approach to Yoga in PNG

But PNG has a different approach - which is to use yoga for its intended purpose to bring peace and unity.

The growing movement of community yoga especially in Port Moresby is seen as a free handout by yogis around the world.

But have acknowledged how well, this free yoga sessions has proven effective in transforming one yogi at a time.

The program is called Yoga Unite.

From prison courtyards to community halls, personal backyards to public fields, yoga has been making wonders.

Practice of Yoga taking hold in NCD

By Friday next week, February 10, the yoga fraternity will have 38 new yoga trainers to have completed basic level one yoga teaching skills.

The 38, are regular yogis - participants of the Yoga for Life and Walk for Life programs in Port Moresby.

According to their yoga instructor Fazilah Bazari, the 38 chosen attend community class every Saturday and are already equipped with a certain level or ability of yoga.

Walking can keep you physically fit

Beginning with Port Moresby, it is old news that centres around the country have adopted the Walk for Life program, an initiative that brings people from communities out to walk together.

This successful program is held yearly along with the Yoga for Life program, to promote healthy life, physical exercise and well-being in the city together.

The program went into a recess on December 12, 2016 and will commence in February 12, 2017.

Change your lifestyle with the New Year and consider preventative health care.

POM lifestyle programs get recognition from Vatican

She was invited along with other top figures in sports, government, religion and NGO's from around the globe with the focus of harnessing the power of yoga and sport and using it as a tool for human development.  

Fazila’s participation comes following the Vatican’s recognition of the Yoga for Life and Walk for Life programs in the country.

The Vatican’s official mission is to validate and endorse sport and yoga by developing a declaration of principles and guiding values that express how sport and faith can serve the greater good in the service of Humanity.

Walk for Life dedicated to late Joe Pidik

The attack happened after the semi-final match between Eagles and NGI Agmark Gurias.

Healthy lifestyle advocate and NCD Governor Powes Parkop urged all walkers to come in white to spread the message of zero tolerance to all forms of violence in sports in Port Moresby.

The PNG Hunters players, PNGRFL and Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko, will be among the crowd to spread the message that violence is unacceptable in any sporting code.

NCD Governor dedicates ‘Walk’ to late Pidik

Late Pidik became a victim of a brawl that erupted after the Agmark Rabaul Gurias and Wamp Nga Mt. Hagen Eagles’ preliminary final.

“To show my public expression of disgust and also as a display of our collective denunciation of violence I wish to propose that we will walk this Sunday, during the Walk For Life, and end up with a service and a prayer for Joe Pidik.

“My intention is get the whole city to gather, call for an end of violence of all forms including in sports and we will visit Joe’s Haus Krai.

PNG U20 soccer girls take part in Walk for Life

The team has been training at the National Sporting Institute (NSI) since last year and have actively taken part in community programs in the Eastern Highlands Province.

U20 Coach, Lisa Cole said she had heard about the Walk for Life in Port Moresby.

She said she was honoured that the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop had asked the team to participate in the Walk for Life held in Goroka recently.

Hundreds join Westpac to “Walk for Life”

The theme “Prevention is better than cure,” which is fitting for a Westpac supported event.

Westpac is one of the country’s leading firms when it comes to encouraging a healthy work environment and lifestyle for staff.

Before the walk, participants gathered at Jack Pidik Park as early as 4am for a yoga warm up session.

The walk commenced at 5am at the Park to Ela Beach stopping traffic along the Poreporena freeway.

Police officers were present to provide escort and were able to control and direct traffic.