Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of Papua New Guinea

RSPCA to host ‘The Longest Lunch’ to raise money for a shelter

The animal shelter houses up to 50+ animals per month (mainly cats and dogs) and provides food, water, shelter and regular health checks.

The animals in our shelter are then put up for adoption whereby the process allows us to find suitable homes for them.

The fundraising event is called The Longest Lunch and will be held at the Royal Papua Yacht Club on Sunday February 26, 2017, starting at 11:30am.

Community Liaison Coordinator, Brigitte Baki-Ta’u, said: “the funds we raise will go toward:

RSPCA offers monthly wash for dogs

Well, not generally dangerous to humans, although they can be troublesome.

When fleas bite humans, they may develop an itching rash with small bumps that may bleed. Most flea bites require minimal treatment with a mild cortisone cream or an antibiotic ointment.

Infestations are a concern, however, and can cause prolonged discomfort, respiratory trouble and other symptoms.

Furthermore, fleas can transmit tapeworms and diseases to pets.

RSPCA is grateful for volunteers who helped during school holidays

He then catches a bus to Waigani Central to the RSPCA Vet Clinic just so he can be with our furry friends.

“Hanua and 20 other holiday makers signed up this festive season to volunteer at our clinic”.

The volunteer work allows individuals to get first-hand experience in learning how to take proper care of domestic animals such as cats and dogs.