Ramu-Madang highway

Motorists warned of bad state of Madang-Ramu Highway

OIC Madang Traffic Police, Senior Constable Frank Makora issued the caution during the weekend as heavy rains continue to pound the hinterlands of Madang and the Ramu plain, causing widespread damage to many sections of the vital road link.

The Madang-Ramu Highway, which is the main link for commerce and business from the industrial port of Lae, is currently deteriorating in many sections.

Ramu NiCo steps in to fix Madang road

On Tuesday Feb 9, a container truck capsised at the Iguruwe portion of the highway within the Usino-Bundi electorate when driving through the slippery and muddy road.

That portion of the road experienced a slight landslip due to the base clay foundation and water logged soil build-up.

Ramu NiCo’s Kurumbukari Mine located 44km away from the scene timely dispatched a frontend loader and a dump truck with excavator under the coordination of the 135km Slurry Pipeline department and fixed the road immediately.