Power outage affects equipment

Water PNG’s senior manager said this was the main reason behind the Unitech bore malfunction.

The Water PNG pumps rely on electricity.

“When you have a reliable supply, your equipment is healthy so you can continue producing water and things like that but when you have continuous blackouts, it burns equipment,” stated Water PNG senior manager, Martin Bigiglen.

For water supply, Bigiglen explained that they pressurise the system to ensure a constant flow of water.

Members still have duty to perform

Ombudsman Richard Pagen said leaders will still control service delivery until after the return of writs which is on July 24.

He said the issue of writs yesterday does not mean that MPs lost their powers.

He made these comments in Port Moresby when issuing a direction against the use of DSIP funds during the election, after the Ombudsman Commission, Department of Finance and Department of Rural Development and Implementation put a conditional freeze on DSIP and PSIP till 30 September.