PNG LNG Kumuls

Ireland in top form ahead of Kumuls clash

Great focus ahead of the game, the Ireland squad is looking forward to facing home side PNG Kumuls tomorrow (Nov 5).

This morning’s captain’s run was Ireland’s way of getting into the momentum following the week’s public outreach with National Capital District residents.

Tomorrow’s clash against the PNG LNG Kumuls will determine who ends up in the quarter finals, making it out of the pool matches and PNG hopes to be that team after they overcome this Ireland outfit.

Kumuls Jersey issue now resolved

Like everyone that watched the PNG Kumuls versus Wales’s game over the weekend, the PNGRFL board and management noticed the jersey numbers peeling off the Kumuls jerseys.

The PNGRFL board were disappointed with the results of the heat seal supplier.

RLWC 2017 In-country Manager for PNG, Tasman Samuel confirmed that the Kumul jerseys were ordered from FITA in Australia and were shipped to PNG.

A local company was responsible for the number sealing on the back of each Kumul jerseys, but obviously under estimated the heat on game day.

Kumuls spread cheer among students

Following their massive win over Wales on the weekend, the Kumuls team was on a high and no doubt the educational outreach was well received by students and teachers all around.

The team took turns in answering questions from the students.

As curious as they were expected to be, students asked why Katto Ottio was playing for the Kumuls since he was signed up by the Canberra Raiders.

Others wanted to know the secret to being a good rugby league player when they sent questions flying at Melbourne Storm Justin Olam.

Baptiste to start in Sunday’s clash

Moses Meninga, Nixon Put and Wartovo Puara Jr have all been named on the extended bench.

“Last weekend we didn’t know too much about the Wales side so put in four hookers. This weekend against Ireland will be much tougher so we made the change with Kurt starting at hooker and James at first receiver,” says coach Michael Marum.

“Wartovo is still on the extended bench so if there’s any changes to be made, we can always call on him.

“Stargroth missed last weekend so he’s starting from the bench.”

RLWC: PNG vs Wales Try Highlights

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Mead commends forwards

Mead attributed his tries to the hard work that the forwards did in opening up try scoring opportunities.

It took just five minutes from kick off for the PNG captain to capitalise on their home ground advantage, receiving the ball 15 metres out from the Welsh goal line then getting past to score the Kumuls’ first try of the match.

Justin Olam let his season with the Melbourne Storm feeder club show when he combined well with Garry Lo in creating holes in the Wales defence for try scoring opportunities.

Sweet Revenge for Bai

As recalled by assistant Kumuls coach and former Kumul Marcus Bai, it was a very cold night in Wales back in 1991 and the Kumuls were thrashed 68 nil.

Bai said after the match on Saturday that it was a very hot day and the Kumuls returned the favour.

It was a special win for the PNG LNG Kumuls and for many a dream come true, winning their first Rugby League World Cup match on home soil with the 44 point margin.

Marum given all clear: Team doctor

Marum was taken to hospital straight after the big win over Wales yesterday (Saturday) after experiencing cramps to his arms and ribs.

Kumuls Team Doctor Gideon Kendino said the coach had cramps on his arms and around the ribs. “The match doctors checked him in the dressing room and due to RLWC protocols and requirements, he was taken to hospital to ensure full medical checks were done,” Dr Kendino said.

Kumuls rest today

Hence the victorious PNG LNG Kumuls will be on rest today with a morning recovery session and the rest of today to be taken off.

Media Manager for PNG Rugby League, Ephata Samuel, spoke about the team going in for pool and ice bath sessions then laying low for the day till training picks up again starting Monday.

He adds that most times after intense game sessions, athletes need rest to recover from exerting their bodies during the play duration.

Mead: Still room for improvement

“Obviously, we’ve taken a lot of confidence from the win. But there are still things to fix up and improve on both in defence and attack.

“Obviously, our ball security is one thing.  I thought if we controlled the ball a bit better and built more pressure, we could have done a bit more damage against Wales.

“But overall, it was a pretty good performance, “said Mead.

Kumuls assistant coach, Marcus Bai agreed that the team needs to polish up on a number of areas before the next game against Ireland on Sunday November 5 at the Oil Search National Football Stadium.