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Gamato clarifies SHP Governor’s victory

Gamato made this clarification after being allegedly accused by SHP candidates claiming that the proper process was not followed to declare Powi.

In a press conference over the weekend, the SHP regional candidates pointed out that the province is not accepting the declaration because the democratic process in electing a leader was hijacked by the electoral commission.

VIDEO: Gamato on writs returned, undeclared seats and more

This was announced by the PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato in a press conference this afternoon.

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PNGEC yet to respond to return of writs deadline

“Government formation can't occur after Wednesday 2nd August 2017.”

This was clarified in a press conference hosted by the Ombudsman Commissions office in Port Moresby.

Chief Ombudsman Michael Dick, Ombudsman Richard Pagen, and OC Lawyer Vergil Narokobi stressed on the Constitution and the Organic Law as well as the Acts surrounding the issue.

OC Lawyers, Vergil Narakobi explains that the Constitution in Section 105 in part states that writs must be returned before the 5th Anniversary.

Ombudsman cannot interfere with the Electoral Commission

This was made clear by the Chief Ombudsman, Michael Dick in a press conference on Sunday.

The Ombudsman Commission has maintained a strong interest in the integrity of the 2017 National General Elections and in this case the Commission is not interfering with the operational responsibilities of the Electoral Commission.

Chief Ombudsman, Michael Dick said the Ombudsman Commission is entrusted with the responsibility to lift the overall standards of public administration in Papua New Guinea.

VIDEO: Electoral Commission assures supporters of process

Executive Officer to the incumbent Governor for NCD, Emmanuel Bobola, was informed by Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoroh, today they will speak to the respective election managers.

Speaking on behalf of Parkop, Bobola said the whole counting process has been hijacked by rogue scrutineers who are frustrating the process of elimination.


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Gamato: There are enough funds for Highlands Region

Gamato told media that the funds were managed by Waigani because in the past, there was poor management at the provincial level. 

“A lot of expenditures were committed at the provincial level without control so there is some expenditure that we thought we would control from Waigani.

“We have also released some operational funds to the provinces to get them ready for polling and counting period.

“As far as we are concerned, we released enough funds to start them off with polling while at the same time managing the key expenditure areas,” Gamato said.