Gamato: There are enough funds for Highlands Region

​Despite reports that the funds are running out, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says that there is enough election funds budgeted for the Highlands Region.

Gamato told media that the funds were managed by Waigani because in the past, there was poor management at the provincial level. 

“A lot of expenditures were committed at the provincial level without control so there is some expenditure that we thought we would control from Waigani.

“We have also released some operational funds to the provinces to get them ready for polling and counting period.

“As far as we are concerned, we released enough funds to start them off with polling while at the same time managing the key expenditure areas,” Gamato said.

The main expenditures include helicopter and car hire services, and the allowances for election officials.

Gamato however was unable to clarify the total budget funding for the region and how much had been released so far.


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Quintina Naime