Panamex, CIS start school fights awareness

The program started on the first week of August and will end in September 2017.

It began at Bumayong Secondary School and Malahang Technical High School.

In a statement, the firm said: “We hope to cover other secondary schools (Busu, Lae Sec, Bugandi and Markham Valley) next week onwards.

“Prisoners have given testimonies on what the negative impact of crime and other bad habits will have on their lives.

Parents encouraged to avoid fake baby products

Panamex Pacific (PNG) Limited, a major distributor for PNG made products including Anchor, Softlove, and Was Was, is encouraging the public to start buying genuine baby products.

Panamex marketing manager Peter Narayan said they’ve recently received a lot of complaints from consumers about counterfeit baby products like diapers being sold in shops.

Narayan urged parents to look for prominent brands as counterfeit products can cause injuries to your babies.