Palmalmal Secondary School

Significant improvement at Palmalmal secondary

The GEDSI program is a component of a PGK3.5million grant from the Australian government to build new infrastructure at Palmalmal Secondary School that aims to make schools gender inclusive, providing education opportunities for both boys and girls.

As the Deputy Principal, Mr Kampukia, or the ‘GEDSI man’, as he is sometimes referred to, is grateful that the program continues to impact the lives of his students and communities around the secondary school.

​Improved infrastructure for remote school

The Papua New Guinea-Australia partnership will fund the Palmalmal Secondary School in Pomio District, which is one of Papua New Guinea’s least developed areas.

The upgrade of the school will be funded through a K3.5 million Incentive Fund grant and a K1 million counterpart contribution from the Pomio District Development Authority (DDA).