Pala Kulu Adix

Judge calls on parliament to increase penalty

Justice Panuel Mogish said crimes of unlawful use of motor vehicles are on the rise and the penalty must reflect the prevalent offence in society.

Currently the penalty for unlawful use of motor vehicles stands at 5 years in prison.

However, Justice Mogish says there is no use increasing the penalty of armed robbery without raising the penalty of unlawful use of vehicles, as the two offences run together.

CPL robber gets 6 years

Pala Kulu Adix was the driver of one of the two stolen vehicles that was used in the armed robbery of 27 November, 2014.

The father-of-two, from Keapara, Rigo, Central Province, pleaded guilty to the charge of armed robbery today and was sentenced to six years in prison.

He admitted to being the driver of a 15-seater bus that was used in the robbery, in which K28,596.72, the property of City Pharmacy Ltd, was taken.

None of those monies were recovered. Knives, factory and home-made guns were used in the robbery.