Pacific Cup

Lewas focus on Pacific Cup in New Zealand

The Lewas led by newly appointed captain, Brenda Tau are gearing up for a challenging tournament featuring New Zealand Māori, Samoa, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Departing captain, Kaia Arua who has steered the Lewas for seven years, hands over the leadership reins to Tau. Under Kaia's guidance, the Lewas achieved their highest T20I ranking, and she remains committed to contributing to the team's success.

Lewas Set for Pacific Cup in New Zealand

The Lewas, led by newly appointed captain Brenda Tau, will embark on a pre-tournament training camp in Napier, commencing their journey on January 6th before the official matches in Auckland.

Brenda Tau takes the reins from Kaia Arua, who led the Lewas with dedication for the past seven years, achieving Cricket PNG's highest T20 ranking. Arua will continue to contribute on the field, supporting Brenda in her leadership role.