New Lawyers

Many judgements outstanding for too long

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia revealed this today when addressing new lawyers in court.

He said even when a case is started on time, the party suffer losses because judges and lawyers waste time mooting over trivial or minor issues that occupy time and the main case is never reached in time.   

He told the court there are many judgements that are outstanding for too long, some of which goes back some five to ten years in the National Court from the day the decision was deferred or reserved.

89 new Lawyers admitted to the Bar

Amongst those who were admitted were four Solomon Islanders.

The sitting took place in five court rooms at the Waigani National and Supreme Court rooms where motions of individual applications were moved by lawyers before the applicants took their oath in unison in court.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia who presided in one of the court rooms told the new lawyers to know and respect the rule of law as it is important for them as new lawyers joining the profession.